Rewarding sustainable commutes

The City of Boulder is partnering with Commutifi, a local tech company, to launch the Boulder Clean Commute program to incentivize sustainable local commutes. Visit the program webpage for a sign-up form, FAQs, an eligibility map, and more information.

Project Overview

Infographic depicting sustainable commuting behavior and financial rewards

Boulder Clean Commute encourages Downtown Boulder and Boulder Junction employers and their employees to take advantage of financial incentives to shift commuting behavior away from single-occupancy vehicle trips toward more sustainable transportation methods to get to and from work.

The program intends to support citywide goals, including through:

  • Investing financial rewards back into our commercial districts to support Boulder businesses and employees.

  • Supporting employer transportation demand management programs that shift commutes towards more sustainable work trip options.

  • Encouraging use of Boulder’s many multimodal transportation options.

  • Reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips and related greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Decreasing traffic congestion.

Employers in the Central Area General Improvement District (CAGID, also known as Downtown Boulder) or Boulder Junction Access District are eligible to participate. The city will match employer-provided incentives up to $1.25 per qualified work trip for a total of up to $2.50 per day per employee who commutes sustainably. Employees will receive their cash incentives via a virtual debit card. These rewards can either be spent on local transportation service providers or at CAGID and BJAD district businesses. City-matched funding comes directly from the districts in which reward dollars are reinvested.

Participating employers can apply for the HB2022-1026 state tax credit where they can receive a 50% tax credit on any funds they use to invest in the program.

If you would like to be a participating Boulder business where employees can spend their reward dollars, sign up using the online merchant participation form. Only businesses located within CAGID and BJAD are eligible to participate.


April 1, 2024: Pilot program launches – employees can start logging their commute trips and earning funds.

April 1 to Dec. 31, 2024: Pilot program duration – employees can log their trips and earn funds during this time.

Jan. 31, 2025: Pilot program closes – employees have until the end of January 2025 to spend their incentive money.

Program Webpage

Visit the program webpage for a sign-up form, FAQs, an eligibility map, and more information.