Project Overview

After decades of analysis, community engagement, decision-making and negotiation, the city and the University of Colorado Boulder have negotiated an Annexation Agreement for consideration by the City Council later this year. The agreement describes the conditions of annexation for CU South under which the University of Colorado Boulder’s South Campus would fulfill both the desires of the University system and meet the goals of the City of Boulder.

If annexed, the CU South would come under the city's jurisdiction like the other campuses. Utility services also could be extended to the site. Annexation would not mean the city would own the site.

The Annexation Agreement’s proposed terms were guided by the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations and Guiding Principles adopted in 2017, direction from advisory boards and City Council over the past several years and community feedback. The CU South Guiding Principles were incorporated into the BVCP in 2017 to guide agreements between the city and university that will specify future uses, services, utilities and planning for CU South.

University master planning for CU Boulder South is several years away. However, significant flooding events in the area have prompted the city to expeditiously pursue a flood mitigation project that requires a portion of the CU South site; that portion of the property only becomes available to the city with annexation of the entire CU South site. As a result, the annexation agreement details certain development standards that control the type and intensity of future development, but not the exact type and location that a traditional site plan would detail. More information about the South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation Project can be found here.

Community members are encouraged to review the Annexation Agreement and materials and provide feedback and/or attend upcoming events and public hearings.

Full Annexation Agreement

Summary of Key Changes to the Agreement

Project Timeline

CU South Process Timeline

This graphic timeline represents the overall annexation application process and what phase it is currently in, identified by "We Are Here".

Meetings & Materials

Upcoming Meetings

  • Sept 14, City Council, Public Hearing, second reading. Sign-up to speak.
  • Sept. 21, City Council, deliberation

Meeting times are subject to change. Please continue to check the project webpage for the most up-to-date information.

  • View the decision and materials from the July 29 Planning Board meeting here. View the Planning Board Recommendation Matrix.

Past Community Engagement

Aug. 26 - Community Briefing and Listening Session - watch the briefing here and read the notes here.

July - Aug. - Draft Annexation Agreement Be Heard Boulder Questionnaire Response Summary

Aug. 9 - Community Briefing and Listening Session - watch the briefing here and read the notes here.

July 14 - Community Briefing and Q&A -. A video of the event can be found here.

April 9 - Community Briefing - The presentation from this meeting can be found here. A video of the event can be found here. Notes from the event can be found here.

Dec 2020 - Mar 2021 Engagement Window

  • View a summary of the feedback here.
  • View a report of the responses to the Draft Annexation Draft Terms questionnaire here.

Read the public comments about the project Public Comments through September 14, 2021.