The objective of this council priority is to open a daytime facility for resource navigation and other services to assist individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

  1. Plan

  2. Community Engagement

  3. Design

  4. Implement

Project Overview

The goal of the Homelessness Day Services Center is to serve as a navigation center, a space that creates a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals experiencing homelessness can engage with service providers in a single location. The center will aim to build a sense of healthy community, meet people where they are on their housing journey, replace unproductive habits with productive habits and provide participants with path to housing.

At its 2022 retreat, City Council identified the creation of a Day Services Navigation Center, later renamed the Homelessness Day Services Center, for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness in the City of Boulder as a priority. Council asked city staff to conduct community and stakeholder engagement to determine the location and program priorities for the day center.


  • April to June 2022: Hire staff for additional capacity, design community engagement plan and hire consultant

  • August 2022: Community engagement, complete scope and services

  • November 2022: Present Community Outreach Report to City Council

  • December 2022: Release RFP seeking a service provider

  • Early 2023: Choose service provider

  • Second Quarter 2023: Begin to source resources and facility in collaboration with service provider


The city’s Housing and Human Services Department hired Trestle Strategy Group to conduct a community and stakeholder consultation to determine the location and program priorities for the Homelessness Day Services Center. Community members were invited to attend a focus group or complete a survey to share their feedback on the center.

Feedback was collected from community members, service providers and individuals with lived experience, and compiled into a Community Outreach Report.

Community Outreach Report Summary

The community engagement conducted by Trestle Strategy Group aimed to answer two questions:

  1. What programming and services should be offered at the day center to create self-sufficiency and provide a path to housing?

  1. What would be the ideal physical characteristics of the day center (size, function, affinities with other land uses, etc.)?

In addition to input on these two questions, Trestle received general feedback on the project, which has been captured in the Community Outreach Report appendices.

Key feedback themes include:

  • The top services that should be provided at the day center include bathroom and shower facilities, laundry, safe storage, meal services and access to social workers, case managers, coordinated entry and medically trained staff. Other ideas included mental health support and addiction counseling.

  • To measure success, community members identified the following as the most important metrics to track: reduction in encampments, number of people entering housing solutions, reduced emergency room visits and quality of life improvements.

  • Access to bus and transportation networks, accessibility for people with disabilities and adjacency to other services (social, medical) were identified as the most important physical for the day center.

Next Steps

The city will release an RFP in December 2022 to find a service provider that will operate the Homelessness Day Services Center. Once chosen, the city will work with the provider to find a location for the facility.

There will be additional community engagement opportunities during that process.

How can I provide feedback now?

We welcome your feedback, questions and comments. You can share your feedback with council and/or staff through the city’s Contact City Council and Staff Form which is available on the city’s website.

Learn more about Homelessness in Boulder

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