General Structure

Each city department is in charge of their accounts payable. The Accounts Payable department resolves vendor issues, distributes checks, processes centralized charges and assists other departments.

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Things to know

When creating an invoice for the City of Boulder, you must include the department's name as part of the mailing address. If you don't let us know which department your invoice is for, expect significant delays in its delivery.

Vendor questions relating to the payment of an invoice should be directed to the department that ordered the service/and or product. To expedite the research, please provide detailed information such as:

  • the invoice number
  • date
  • amount
  • vendor number (if known)

If you still feel that there's a problem, then contact Central Accounts Payable and we'll work to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. To help us, you will need know the department(s) and the employees that were contacted; you may also be asked to provide copies of the invoices in question.

Vendor forms

If you need vendor forms please contact Finance at or at 303-441-3072.