Building, Right-of-Way and Rental Code Concerns

Planning and Development Services investigates possible code violations and concerns related to residential and commercial building safety, right of ways, rental housing licensing, marijuana retail and growing facilities, and zoning.

To report a Planning and Development Services code concern, see below or call 303-441-3173.

  • All other code concerns that are not listed on this page and affect public safety and quality of life in the City of Boulder are handled by the Code Enforcement Unit, part of the Boulder Police Department.
  • Please call Code Enforcement at 303-441-3333 to ask questions or report a code violation to dispatch.

Report a Building Code Concern


Code violations and concerns related to building safety include:

  • Interior and exterior structural integrity;
  • Handrails and guardrails;
  • Doors and windows;
  • Interior sanitation (accumulation of rubbish and garbage);
  • Plumbing and electrical system integrity;
  • Hot water and heating requirements; and
  • Work being performed without permits.


  1. Commercial building code concerns
  2. Residential building code concerns

Report a Right-of-Way Code Violation


Work associated with residential construction projects within the public right-of-way must be performed by a licensed right-of-way contractor and be permitted by the city.

  • Because rights-of-way are the property of the city and not the adjacent land owner, they cannot be fenced off for private use.
  • Property owners are responsible for some maintenance of the right-of-way adjacent to their property, including removing snow from sidewalks and mowing grass.
  • Structural encroachments into the right-of-way are prohibited, and storage of construction materials requires a permit.

Examples of public right-of-way construction:

  • Utility mains and services
  • Fire Hydrants

  • Water meters

  • Sidewalks

  • Street cuts

  • Driveways

  • Curb cuts

  • Curb and gutter

  • Street & Alley paving


  1. Online
  2. Phone

    Call 303-441-1880.

Report a Rental Housing Licensing Code Violation


The Boulder Revised Code and Property Maintenance Code require all rental properties in Boulder to maintain a valid rental license. The code also establishes minimum standards for the safe use and occupancy of dwellings to protect, preserve, and promote residents' physical and mental health.

View frequently asked questions about rental housing licensing in Boulder.

The Rental Housing Licensing program seeks to preserve public safety by establishing minimum standards for the basic equipment and facilities associated with rental properties (short term, and long term), including:

  • Lighting, ventilation and heating;
  • The use and amount of space for human occupancy;
  • Fire safety; and
  • The safe and sanitary maintenance of dwellings.

Obtaining a rental license is the responsibility of the property owner and the discovery of an unlicensed rental property will result in legal action.


  1. Online

    Make an online request.

  2. Phone

    Call 303-441-3173.

Report a Zoning Code Violation


The three zoning code modules are:

  • Use - establishes the uses that are permitted, conditionally permitted and prohibited, as well as uses that may be permitted through a use review approval.
  • Form - specifies the physical parameters for development, such as setbacks, building coverage, height and special building design characteristics.
  • Intensity - establishes the density of development and identifies the:
    • Minimum lot sizes;
    • Minimum open space per dwelling unit;
    • Number of dwelling units per acre;
    • Minimum open space per lot or parcel; and
    • Floor area ratios, when applicable.


  1. Online
  2. Phone

    Call 303-441-3173.

Get an Enforcement Activity Summary

Types of enforcement activity

This summary shows enforcement activity by the city occurring within the past 24 months relating to quality of life violations on a specific parcel. The information provided in the report is updated daily.

The summary provides information from:

  • Planning and Development Services (P&DS) Code Compliance investigations
  • Boulder Police Department (BPD) Code Enforcement investigations
  • Boulder Police Department County Court summonses
  • Municipal Court citations

Get a report

  • To obtain a report of enforcement activity on a specific parcel, go to eMapLink and search by address.
  • The map will zoom into the parcel.
  • Click on the highlighted parcel and Enforcement Summary Report link to view the report.


  • All information listed is from the previous 24 months only.
  • It does not imply an official disposition, finding of fault or an inference that the resident or owner of the listed address is criminally responsible for any violation or concern at this location.
  • The actual recorded address may be approximate and may relate to an incident occurring in the adjacent right-of-way or in the vicinity of the actual recorded location.
  • The information is subject to revision.


  • Boulder Police Department 303-441-3300
  • Municipal Court 303-441-1842
  • P&DS Code Compliance Office 303-441-1880