Marijuana complaints related to grow operations:

Please use this complaint form for complaints related to grow operations (both licensed and suspected unlicensed). Although contact information is not required, any anonymous complaints will be investigated but may not result in prosecution if there is no complainant willing to testify in court to their observations and if city inspectors cannot find adequate evidence of odor.

Marijuana complaints not related to grow operations:

If your complaint is about somebody smoking marijuana or using marijuana, please call police dispatch at 303-441-3333 to report the complaint to a police officer.

Want to learn more?

For licensed grows, it is a violation of our BRC licensing codes for a reasonable person to be able to detect the odor of marijuana from outside of the marijuana grow and that violation is the same whether it is a Medical Grow or a Recreational Grow.

For more information about marijuana offenses, see BRC 5-10.

For information about the Medical Code, see BRC 6-14-8(h).

For information about the Recreational Code, see BRC 6-16-8(h).