The City of Boulder has the highest risk of flash flooding in the state of Colorado.

Boulder Creek and its 14 tributaries along with Boulder Slough run through the city's limits. Mitigation of flood risk and reduction of flood hazards from these drainageways is an ongoing effort.

Flood Management Plans

The Comprehensive Flood & Stormwater Plan and the Stormwater Master Plan govern policies and guide stormwater and flood management in the city. There are individual Flood Management Plans for the different creeks throughout Boulder.

Flood Management Overview

The Flood Management Overview PDF provides important information regarding the city's flood history and risk as well as the various components of the city's flood management program.

Property Acquisition Program

The city has a program in place to purchase properties located in flood prone areas, particularly in the High Hazard flood zone when there is a willing seller. Opportunity-based property acquisition is a key element of the floodplain management program given the city's interest in working with a willing seller. The property acquisition program, in conjunction with flood mitigation improvements has been very successful over the years and has resulted in over one hundred residences no longer in the high hazard floodplain. Purchasing properties through this program and deconstructing or relocating them, not only removes the life-safety risk, but also opens up additional opportunities to improve flood conveyance, provide better channel maintenance, add additional flood mitigation measures and increases the potential of establishing neighborhood pocket parks.

Properties which have been purchased through the program were prioritized due to the following factors:

  • amount of the structure located within the high hazard flood zone
  • proximity to the creek channel/opportunities for additional flood mitigation measures
  • age and condition of the structure

For additional information on property acquisition or if you would like to discuss selling your property to the city, please get in touch using the contact details at the top of this page.