Classes and Service Providers

This page provides a listing of pre-approved providers for court ordered classes and evaluations.

Substance Use Class and Evaluation Information

Below is a list of pre-approved substance use providers for the Boulder Municipal Court. You are responsible for making all payments for any court ordered treatment. Contact the provider directly for costs and other information as prices listed are subject to change. Use of a provider not listed below requires prior written approval by the court.

Approved Substance Use Providers

University of Colorado, Health Promotion (CU Students Only)



Level 1 $25
Level 2 $80
Level 3 $140
Level 4 $300

To sign up for classes use:

Kim Wright

3405 Penrose Place Suite 106
Boulder, CO 80301
Cell (303) 883-7581


Classes include: SBIRT (Level 2), BASICS 2 (Level 3), and BASICS 3 (Level 4), Substance Abuse Evaluations and Counseling. Call for Prices.

CIMA Education

8471 Turnpike DR #135
Westminster CO 80031


One day Level 1 Alcohol I Class.
Evaluations $275

ISAE Online

850 E 73rd Ave STE 1A
Denver CO 80229


One day Level I Alcohol Class
Two days Intensive Alcohol Class
Evaluations $275

Traffic Class Information

Below is a list of traffic courses that may be ordered by the Boulder Municipal Court as part of the sentence in your case. Use of a provider not listed below requires prior written approval by the court. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Only take the class you were assigned.
  • Please be sure to sign up for the correct class. The court will not accept a lower level class than that which you were sentenced to complete.
  • Class completions must be submitted to the court prior to your assigned Vacatable Appearance Review (VAR) date, otherwise you are required to appear on that date.
  • Class completions may be submitted by email to: Please follow up with the court by phone at 303-441-1840 if you do not receive confirmation of the receipt of your class completion.
  • If you do not have the ability to complete the assigned traffic class online due to access issues regarding a computer or smartphone, then please contact the court immediately for instructions on taking the appropriate in-person class in lieu of the assigned online class.

Approved Traffic Class Providers

Level One Online Defensive Driving Class:

ISAE Online Level One Defensive Driving Class

Level Two Online Defensive Driving Class:

ISAE Online Level Two Defensive Driving Class

Distracted Driver Online Class:

NCTI Online Distracted Driver Class

Alive at 25 Online or In-Person Class:

Alive at 25 Online or In-person Class