To encourage community building and public art as a means to transform roadway public space into neighborhood assets, Paint the Pavement is a city program that allows mural painting on public streets. The program was created in response to neighborhood interest and encouragement from City Council and the Transportation Advisory Board.

How to Paint the Pavement

Neighborhoods interested in pursuing a paint the pavement project should begin by reaching out to the Public Art team at The team will provide you with the Paint the Pavement Packet which outlines the process required to obtain city approval to paint a mural in a public right-of-way.

Included in the packet is the Paint the Pavement Installation Agreement, which authorizes the mural and deems it art rather than graffiti, and the Block Party to Paint the Pavement Permit Application, which is the most likely mechanism for closing the street segment for installing the mural. Depending on the timing of the proposed Block Party to Paint the Pavement, you may be able to apply for funding from the City of Boulder's Neighborhood Connection Fund to pay for things like snacks, refreshments, entertainment, etc. For more information on the Neighborhood Connection Fund and to submit an application, visit the program website.