Request Officers for Event Staffing

Off-duty police officers may be hired for special events, at an extra cost.

Enforcing Municipal Ordinances and State and Federal Statutes at Events

In order to provide public safety, service and professionalism, the Boulder Police Department allows department employees to work while off duty. Off-duty officers and supervisors are responsible for enforcing only municipal ordinances and state and federal statutes. They will not be responsible for enforcing rules of an event, establishment, or other venue.

Hire an Officer

Complete the form

To hire an officer, please complete the appropriate off-duty contract posted below:


This information is provided as a guideline when making your request. All fees listed are subject to change. Please contact the Off-duty Coordinator for any questions.

The charges for an off-duty officer, supervisor and patrol vehicle are as follows:

Events occurring in 2021:

  • Off-duty officer - $70 per hour
  • Off – duty sergeant - $87 per hour
  • Off – duty commander - $98 per hour
  • Off – duty dispatcher - $52 per hour ($69 per hour on city recognized holidays)
  • Patrol vehicle - $55 per vehicle, per day

There is a minimum of three paid hours per assignment. Contracts canceled with less than 24-hours notice will result in the employer incurring the three-hour minimum, per officer cost.

Requests for events requiring a city special events permit must be received at least 60-days in advance. Requests for events NOT requiring a city special events permit must be received at least 14-days in advance. Contracts received after the above deadlines may be subjected to a 20% administrative fee or be denied.

Reasons for den​ial

The police department reviews each request on an individual basis. Off-duty employment requests can be denied based on any of the following:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Number of attendees
  • Alcohol sales and/or consumption permits
  • Type of event
  • Event history
  • Availability of officers
  • Other reasons deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police