All eligible upgrades and testing must be performed to be considered for this exemption

If you have completed all of the possible improvements, but the rental property has not reached compliance then you can pursue a special consideration called Technically Impractical.

Technically Impractical Consideration

  • If approved for an exemption, an energy offset purchase will be required as part of the approval process. SmartRegs services fees and enforcement fees/penalties will not be applied to a rental license during the review process.
  • If not approved for an exemption, all fees and or penalties will apply. Incomplete applications will be returned for updates prior to review

Please take the time to understand the requirements of the Technically Impractical consideration:

  • Completed application (incomplete applications will not be reviewed)
  • Up-to-date SmartRegs inspection checklist
    • Pending work will not be included in evaluation - all completed improvements must be reflected in the inspection results
  • EnergySmart advising summary (if applicable)
  • Written summary of the work completed, not completed and why
  • Written summary of cost per square foot of work completed/cost for upgrades to reach compliance
  • Correspondence supporting restrictions on work (i.e.: landmarks, historical restrictions)
  • Bids for work supporting request that further upgrades be deemed impractical to complete
  • Each case is reviewed independently for your unique circumstances, so include as much supporting documentation as possible to support your request including photos

Application for Technically Impractical

Contact Rental Housing Licensing - SmartRegs