About the Community Mediation and Resolution Center

The City of Boulder Community Mediation and Resolution Center (CMRC) provides mediation, restorative justice, meeting facilitation, landlord-tenant information and more.

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Request information or assistance through our online form for a range of issues involving landlords and tenants, roommates, HOAs, neighbors, and other matters.

Solicite información o asistencia a través de nuestro formulario en internet para una variedad de asuntos relacionados con propietarios e inquilinos, compañeros de cuarto, HOA, vecinos y otros.

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Service Descriptions


Mediation is a process where mediators help people in conflict understand each other's needs and work toward a mutual solution. Assistance is offered in the following areas: landlord-tenant, roommates, neighbors, seniors age 60 or older, parents and their children, teens, school-related conflicts (BVSD), community groups, homeowners associations (HOAs), non-profit agencies, City of Boulder employees, clients and staff of homeless services, race and cross-cultural relations and human rights. CMRC will determine if your situation is appropriate for mediation. In most cases participation in mediation is voluntary.

Landlord, Tenant and Roommate Resources

CMRC provides information and resources for renters, owners, roommates, and property managers for residential and commercial rental properties within the City of Boulder and areas of the county. Resources include a landlord/tenant handbook and many commonly used sample documents such as the Boulder Model Lease and a 7-day security deposit demand letter.

Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services (EPRAS)

EPRAS expands legal and financial services for those facing a potential eviction. The program helps people resolve eviction-related housing issues through legal services, rental assistance and mediation.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ),approaches crime as a violation of people, interpersonal relationships and the community rather than simply as a violation of the law. The RJ process brings together the victim, the offender and members of the community in a safe, neutral space with facilitators to guide conversation. Participants explore the impacts of the crime, helping the responsible party understand the consequences of their actions and ways to repair the harm they caused.


Facilitation services are available for non-profits, community groups and other multi-party entities, to assist with meeting facilitation, team dynamics and workplace matters. Facilitation services often include a combination of private individual sessions, large group sessions and smaller mediated sessions with specific parties to address particular areas of conflict.

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you are a seasoned mediator or restorative justice facilitator looking for ways to serve the community, or you have just completed your mediation or RJ training and would like to gain case experience, we invite you to submit a volunteer application. You may also call us at 303-441-4364 for more information or send your resume to mediation@bouldercolorado.gov.