Therapeutic Program Coordinator

Emily Nelsen, CTRS Therapeutic Program Coordinator

NCTRC #: 66218

Emily was an intern with EXPAND in the winter of 2015 while completing her degree in Recreational Therapy at Indiana University. After graduating and obtaining her certification, Emily continued to work for EXPAND as much as she could on top of her full time job in hopes of one day getting the opportunity to be a full time coordinator with EXPAND. In March of 2021, Emily’s dream came true as she joined the team! She runs aquatics programs, Camp Amico and Amico+, Journeys Through EXPAND and various other programs!

Emily knew from a young age that her passion was helping people with disabilities find meaning and purpose to excite their quality of life. Emily’s wide range of recreation and leisure interests including running, dancing, hiking, creative projects, and cooking inspire her to share them with others!

“I can’t believe this is my job! I get to recreate with some of the coolest people I know and call it ‘work’!”

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