The mission of the Boulder Municipal Court is to:

  • provide an accessible, efficient and impartial forum for all participants in cases involving municipal ordinance violations;
  • adjudicate cases consistent with the law, the needs of the individual, and the community‚Äôs values; and
  • promote public trust in both the justice system and local government.


The Boulder Municipal Court has three primary work groups: Administration, Adjudication and Case Management.

  • 2019 Operating Budget: $2,171,477.00
  • 2019 Number of Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Employees: 18.35


Administration is responsible for achieving department goals and objectives; managing budgetary and financial information; assuring adherence to policies and regulations; and leading, developing and supervising court staff. Staffing includes the court administrator, deputy court administrator, and administrative support for budget preparation, financial transaction processing, accounting/statistical analyses, technology enhancements, web management including 24/7 online payment options, and various clerical responsibilities.

Adjudication consists of all court functions that occur in the courtroom, in addition to support for case processing. Judges preside over court sessions with animal, general, parking, photo radar, photo red light and traffic violations and selected administrative and civil hearings. Staff manages case flow in and out of the courtroom, sets court dates, and performs jury commissioner functions.

Case Management
Case Management includes a variety of functions that comprise the core work of the court, including scheduling, payment processing, database management, collections, other non-compliance actions, and interfacing with Department of Motor Vehicles and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. The majority of court staff consists of front-line employees who interact with the public on the phone, at the counter, and in the courtroom. Probation staff monitors compliance with court orders regarding municipal violations that most impact the community and processes cases for defendants at in-custody sessions at the Boulder County jail. Probation staff seek to leverage the court's contact with homeless individuals through a variety of efforts.

Mailing Address

Boulder Municipal Court
P.O. Box 8015
Boulder, CO 80306-8015