Boulder Flooding Information

The city of Boulder rests at the base of the Rocky Mountain Foothills and is home to Boulder Creek, its 14 tributaries and Boulder Slough (diverted water from Boulder Creek to satisfy irrigation company water rights). Due to its geographic location and features, the city of Boulder has the highest risk of flash flooding in the state of Colorado.

Many neighborhoods throughout the city experience flooding during storm events, and some are at a higher risk to extreme flooding because they are located near a major drainageway. The City of Boulder encourages all residents to be aware of their flood risk and to take the necessary precautions to help protect life and property.

Flooded underpass

Be Aware, Be Vigilant, Be Safe

It's currently flood season, are you flood prepared?

Office of Emergency Management Tests

During flood season, the Office of Emergency Management will test the emergency sirens located throughout the city/county. Tests of this system occur on the first Monday of each month during flood season and can be heard at 10 a.m. and again at 7 p.m. The purpose of the test is to verify the system is working as intended, and is meant to be heard by community members outdoors who may not have immediate access to emergency warnings otherwise. They are not intended to be heard necessarily by community members located inside.

Summer thunderstorms can lead to Flash Floods.