Stream, Wetland and Water Body Regulations

The city has adopted regulations for development within streams, wetlands, and water bodies to help preserve and protect these natural resources.


An extensive variety of work requires a Stream, Wetland and Water Body Permit (PDF). Some of the common types of work are as follows:

  • construction of a new, addition to or complete replacement of a bridge or underpass;
  • stream channel widening, regrading or reconstruction; new drop structure installation; sediment removal within a stream channel; or stream bank stabilization;
  • construction of a retaining wall, landscape wall, or fence within a stream, wetland, or inner wetland buffer area;
  • replacement or repair of an existing fence within a wetland or stream channel;
  • construction of a new or an addition to a principal building and any attached structures, and construction of a new accessory or minor structure within the outer wetland buffer;
  • construction of a new or expansion of existing impervious surface within the inner and outer wetland buffers;
  • construction of new paths, trails, or steps for private use within the inner wetland buffer and wetland body; and
  • any grading within any wetland bodies or wetland buffers.

Other types of work might also require a Stream, Wetland and Water Body Permit (PDF). Please refer to Table 3-1 in Section 9-3-9 of the Boulder Revised Code for further details. Additional permitting may be required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which also regulates activities within streams, wetlands and water bodies, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which regulates endangered species.

Apply for a Wetland Permit

Prepare required materials

  • Site Plan (must show the mapped wetland and buffer zone boundaries)
  • At least two photographs of current conditions
  • Construction drawings (as applicable)

Fill and submit your application

Find a Functional Evaluation Summary for Individual Wetlands

Find a functional evaluation of a wetland or stream

Use the "Map of Wetlands" to find the functional evaluation

  • View Map of Wetlands to go view the mapped wetlands within the city.
  • Zoom in to view a specific wetland (shown in light green or pink on the map) or use the search function to locate a particular address.
  • Select the wetland and a pop-up tab will show the wetland number and the wetland's functional evaluation.