• RTD Access
  • Playground
  • Tennis Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Disc Golf
  • Shelter
  • Multi-use Field
  • Multi-use Path
  • Nature Play Opportunity
  • Boating

Harlow Platts Community Park is located adjacent to South Boulder Recreation Center and features a playground, Viele Lake, a disc golf course, tennis courts, volleyball, workout stations around the lake pathway, picnic tables and park shelter.

The path around Viele Lake is about 0.7 miles.


Non-motorized boats no longer than 14 feet are allowed on Viele Lake. Use at your own risk: no swimming, sailboards, paddleboards or kiteboards. As always please wear a life jacket; we do not have any safety staff for this area.

Nature Play Opportunities

At Harlow Platts Community Park, children have the opportunity to explore nature in the form of Viele Lake, where they can explore and observe nature by passively watching or actively canoeing, kayaking or fishing. The path around Viele Lake is approximately 0.70 miles long and provides an area where children can walk alongside their family members and explore the area off-trail.

Disc Golf

Harlow Platts Disc Golf Course is a nine-hole course in Harlow Platts Community Park and next to the South Boulder Recreation Center. The course is great for beginning disc golfers. See Golf Course Map

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