Boulder will receive $20.15 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

You can find an updated spending summary on the city's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dashboard.

Spending Summary

The City of Boulder is considering how to allocate its $20.15 million from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to help our community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This funding presents an opportunity to support both short-term recovery, and long-term initiatives that advance the city's equity, sustainability and resilience goals.

Here is a snapshot of how initial funding has been spent and a look forward at recommendations for future areas of focus.

Immediate Funding

The first round of ARPA funding was approved by City Council in September 2021 to support community members, businesses and arts organizations that were most impacted by the pandemic through meeting immediate needs and service restoration.

Initiative Description Amount

City Service Restorations

One-time service restoration for recreation programming, critical weather homeless shelter and public art.


Bridging the Digital Divide

Grant to Boulder Housing Partners to help provide free high-speed internet access at BHP sites across the city.


Small Business and Local Economic Recovery Assistance

Immediate direct support to hardest hit industries, including arts support ($50k), tourism and hospitality ($150k), restaurant delivery subsidy ($75k), supporting underserved businesses ($45k) and potential outdoor dining pilot ($100k).


Utility Bill Assistance

Initial staff work to create program to provide assistance in tandem with Boulder County.


Immediate Critical Human Service needs

Funding for emergency rental assistance ($100k) and basic needs (e.g. food, childcare, health care assistance).


Workplace Transformation Support

Outfit workspaces across the city to accommodate hybrid work in pursuit of service delivery excellence.


Public Health Reserve

Continued pandemic-related public health expenses for a portion of the city employee vaccine policy ($250k) and to provide masks to small businesses ($75k).


Total $3,977,000

Second Funding Round

​​​​​​The second round of ARPA funding was approved in March 2022 and focuses on supporting continued pandemic recovery with a transformative approach, while considering the city's resilience, equity and sustainability goals. Funding criteria include:

  • Advance racial equity, sustainability and resilience goals
  • Meet a need created or exacerbated by the pandemic ​
  • Reflect an innovative approach
  • Leverage funding through partnerships and other sources
Initiative Description Amount

Public Health and Safety

Continued Housing and Human Services Recovery Programming


Affordability and Service Access

Emergency Response Connectors Program


Affordability and Service Access

Guaranteed Income Pilot Exploration


Affordability and Service Access

Building Home Project


Affordability and Service Access

Fiber/Smart City Phase 2 Design


Affordability and Service Access

Childcare Industry Stabilization $100,000

Community and Economic Resilience

Continued Economic Recovery Programming


Community and Economic Resilience

Economic Recovery Planning – Strategy Development


Community and Economic Resilience

Arts & Culture Industry Support - Workforce Incentive Grants

Community and Economic Resilience

Reestablish Programs for Artists, COVID-19 Work Projects

Total $4,806,000

Third Funding Round

Recommendations for this funding round are still being explored. Final recommendations for this round of funding will focus on long-term pandemic recovery, coordination with Boulder County and City Council's policy direction.