Bears have always been a part of life in Boulder.

Urban bear activity typically increases in late summer and early fall as bears enter the stage of hyperphagia, a period of excessive eating to fatten up for hibernation. The city encourages community members, including University of Colorado Boulder students, to be vigilant and ensure trash containers are locked, per city ordinance.

Here are some steps you can take to help discourage bear activity in town.

Follow these steps to “bear proof” your property to minimize attractants:

  • Use bear-resistant trash and compost bins, make sure latches are secure and bins are not overflowing. Contact your waste hauler to order a cart for an additional charge.
  • All trash and compost containers put out the night before collection are required to be in bear resistant containers. This applies to the entire city.
  • Pick ripe fruit from trees and don’t allow it to collect on the ground.
  • Secure livestock (goats) and chickens with electric fence or within enclosures.
  • Remove food wrappers, coffee cups and anything with the slightest odor from vehicles and ensure the doors are locked.
  • Remove bird feeders and clean up spilled seeds on the ground.
  • Keep pets indoors, especially at night, and do not leave pet food or dishes outdoors.
  • Clean up and store outdoor grills inside after use.

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