Grant will support safer, more efficient travel on streets and at intersections

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) has awarded the City of Boulder $1,204,000 to improve travel reliability, performance and safety.

The grant will support improved regional and neighborhood travel connections through traffic signal improvements, which includes traffic lights at intersections and crosswalks, on parts of five streets: Broadway, CO 119/Canyon Boulevard, Pearl Street/Pearl Parkway, Valmont Road and 63rd Street. The city anticipates completing these improvements by mid-2025. With the funding, the city aims to:

  • Promote safe and efficient travel by improving multimodal travel times, helping to reduce crashes and increasing safety for people walking and bicycling, part of the city’s Vision Zero goal of zero severe traffic crashes.
  • Create more efficient, rapid regional transit by optimizing signal timing for better traffic flow, including improved transit reliability on CO 119/Canyon Boulevard and Broadway.
  • Reduce emissions and improve air quality because when vehicles move more efficiently and idle less, and bus travel times are improved and more people choose to take the bus, less energy is used, and fewer greenhouse gases are released.
  • Improve data collection and measurement to inform signal adjustments and support remote troubleshooting of reported signal issues.
  • Monitor traffic in real-time to help the city understand traffic conditions at intersections, particularly during inclement weather, special events and emergencies.
  • Connect traffic signals to the city’s fiber option network to understand traffic conditions more quickly and reliably.

"The upgrades we’re making will provide more reliable, efficient signal operations, making it better for everyone traveling on our streets," said Civil Engineering Senior Manager Devin Joslin. "Whether you drive, take the bus, bike or walk, we're excited to continue making travel safer, more convenient and more efficient for our community."

The city extends its gratitude to DRCOG for the grant, awarded via DRCOG’s Regional Transportation and Operations and Technology Set-Aside to support regional multimodal transportation systems. Building a more comfortable and connected network for people to travel helps the city achieve its transportation goals to be safe, be equitable, provide travel choices and support clean air. Learn more about the city’s transportation goals.