Built MODSTREET parklet on Pearl at 16th Street Foolish Craig's

Built MODSTREET parklet on Pearl at 16th Street Foolish Craig's

Local restaurants begin installation of outdoor dining structures

Originally developed as a response to COVID-19, outdoor dining in Boulder has been expanded through October 2027 as part of a five-year outdoor dining pilot program. A total of 24 restaurants are participating in the program.

The program, made possible by American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, was designed based on feedback and lessons learned from the past two years and provides current, year-round outdoor dining guidelines for restaurants. The city has received $20.15 million in ARPA funding to help our community, including local businesses, recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

$250,000 in City of Boulder ARPA funds were allocated to provide either a $2,500 subsidy or 50% discount on infrastructure leasing costs for participating restaurants. The funding also allowed the city to help cover the cost of planter boxes, a safety requirement for outdoor dining areas placed next to streets.

Of the 24 participating restaurants, 17 will have their outdoor dining infrastructure in the public right of way and seven will be on private property. Eight restaurants will be leasing their infrastructure through the city, while the others will be purchasing compliant infrastructure on their own.

The city made a bulk purchase of leasable infrastructure through MODSTREET, a Durango-based company that specializes in building outdoor dining structures, also known as parklets. The first parklets are being delivered and installed on Nov. 8, with another delivery scheduled for next month.

Participating restaurants

  • Bohemian Biergarten
  • Gemini
  • Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar
  • The Post Chicken and Beer
  • Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
  • The Corner
  • Jungle
  • Lindsay's Boulder Deli
  • Japango
  • Foolish Craig's Café
  • The Kitchen
  • ND streetBAR
  • T/aco
  • Ash’Kara
  • Pizzeria Locale Boulder
  • SALT
  • The Hungry Toad
  • The Tune Up at Full Cycle
  • Southern Sun Pub & Brewery
  • Under the Sun Pub & Pizza
  • Dry Storage
  • Basta
  • Mustard’s Last Stand

Phased delivery of infrastructure
Phase I arriving Tuesday, Nov. 8

  • Japango
  • SALT
  • Foolish Craig’s Café

Phase II arriving beginning of December 2022

  • T/aco
  • Pizzeria Locale
  • The Kitchen
  • ND Street Bar
  • Ash’Kara

For more information about Boulder’s Outdoor Dining Pilot Program, please visit the city's website. The next program application window opens Feb. 1, 2023.