Help the city update our transportation design standards

The City of Boulder is seeking community feedback on how to update its transportation design standards related to street design and streetscaping. These standards guide the design and maintenance of capital projects and infrastructure located in the public right-of-way.

The city is specifically updating these sections of the city’s Design and Construction Standards (DCS):

  • Section 2.07: Street Geometric Design - Addresses elements such as lane width, intersection radius, horizontal curves, design speed and turning radii for improved bicyclist and pedestrian safety.
  • Chapter 3: Streetscape Design and Tree Protection and Chapter 10: Streetscaping Standards - Addresses elements such as planting, irrigation, tree protection, median landscaping and construction standards.

Community members can provide their feedback by completing a questionnaire on Be Heard Boulder: The questionnaire is open until Sept. 30.

The city is updating these standards to better align them with current best practices and the city’s vision for a multimodal, connected transportation system, as reflected in Boulder’s Transportation Master Plan, Low-Stress Walk and Bike Network Plan and Forestry Strategic Plan.

The updates to the transportation design standards are part of a larger, multi-year effort to update the DCS, which is used by city staff as well as private entities that build or operate public utility and transportation infrastructure in Boulder.

More information about the city’s Design and Construction Standards can be found at