The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department invites community members to view a project web map to learn about a range of trail, ecological and agricultural projects the department is planning to conduct in 2022.

The department also has developed a webpage to highlight some important 2022 work – along with completed 2021 projects – that is helping OSMP implement its Master Plan, which is guiding city open space management over the next decade.

The 2022 project web map features many upcoming projects, including work to:

  • Thin trees west of Boulder to address wildfire risks on open space, which helps to provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and support more diverse vegetation communities.
  • Use cattle to conduct targeted grazing of tall oatgrass, an invasive grass that spreads rapidly, threatens unique plant communities and can fuel wildfires.
  • Regenerate degraded irrigated agricultural fields, suppress noxious weeds and restore native wetland plant communities in wetland areas.
  • Improve stream and wetland areas – which provide critical habitat for various wildlife species – by removing invasive weeds and non-native trees.
  • Restore habitats for native amphibians – including the Northern Leopard frog, a species Colorado Parks and Wildlife has designated a “species of greatest conservation need.”
  • Leverage the generosity of volunteers to collect native plant seeds, which play a critical role in supporting ongoing OSMP ecological restoration projects.

OSMP’s Master Plan has identified trail maintenance as a key departmental priority. The 2022 project web map features many upcoming trail projects – with several focusing on older “legacy” mountain trails, which are often steep, prone to erosion and require ongoing maintenance:

Learn more about OSMP’s trail program. Visitors can also review significant 2022 trail closures online.

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