The recent snowstorm’s lasting effect wasn’t snow on the ground, but broken tree limbs.

After wet snowfall hit Boulder on May 20 and 21, the Parks and Recreation Department’s (BPR) Forestry team has been working hard responding to broken tree limbs.

Since the city will not be conducting a tree limb cleanup after the recent snowstorm, disposal of limbs on private property is the responsibility of community members. If limbs from private trees have been placed in streets or other public Rights of Way, community members should remove them from these areas.

Bundled branches no more than six feet long and three inches in diameter should be placed into or next to curbside compost bins for pickup by a trash/compost hauling service. Limbs longer than six feet or larger than three inches in diameter, along with other size broken branches, can be taken to Western Disposal at 2051 63rd Street.

The city takes care of damaged public trees in the Right of Way, which are typically areas such as sidewalks and medians. The city will pick up limbs from public property trees that are 10 inches in diameter and larger. If a limb from a public tree is less than 10 inches in diameter, community members should compost or appropriately dispose of these limbs as described above.

So far, BPR has identified 230 public trees that need work and is still surveying city parks. As of Friday, May 27, BPR has completed work on 64 trees and will continue clearing the remaining damage.

If community members see damage to a public tree, they can submit a request to Inquire Boulder.

Check out the city’s Forestry FAQs for more information about fallen limbs.