Share Your Perspective

Boulder voters will likely have a decision to make on the ballot this fall: whether to extend and increase funding for climate and resilience projects in the community.

The city has set up several avenues for community feedback on the proposed climate tax before City Council finalizes the ballot language in August. Tell us what you think of the proposal, how you’d like to see the funds invested and how the climate crisis is impacting you.

For more information about the climate tax proposal, visit the city’s website.

1. Use Be Heard Boulder.

Be Heard Boulder is an online platform that features a variety of interactive tools, including discussion forums, polls, surveys and crowdsource mapping. Use Be Heard Boulder to contribute your ideas and ask questions about featured projects, at times that work best for you. Visit the Proposed Climate Tax Be Heard Boulder page to share your feedback and ideas.

2. Participate in the Council Public Hearing on Aug. 11.

Like all taxes, the proposed climate tax would require City Council and voter approval before going into effect. Council will discuss the proposal and first reading of the ordinance at its July 21 meeting. There will also be a public hearing at the Aug. 11 meeting. At the public hearing, the community is invited to share their views directly with Council. Registration is required and will open at 8 a.m. on Aug. 5.: Sign Up for the Public Hearing.

3. Send your feedback directly to City Council or the Climate Initiatives Department.

You can also email your thoughts directly to city leadership.

Use the online form to submit comments to City Council and staff or email the Climate Initiatives Department at

4. Part of the local business community? Take a Survey Aimed at Businesses through July 26.

Businesses are a key partner in climate action and help contribute to the community’s investment in climate programs. The city is eager to learn more about what’s working for businesses in this area and what can be improved as we work together on climate action. Take the survey through July 26.

Your Voice Matters

Boulder community members and businesses have long demonstrated their commitment to climate action at the local level, and we want to hear from you. As our community works to stabilize our climate and prepare for the impacts of the climate crisis, it’s more important than ever that we all play a role.