Rising gas prices and global conflict are shining a light on our economy’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Rising gas prices and global conflict are shining a light on our economy’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Here are 7 steps individuals can take to use less gas, save money and support the climate.

7 Steps to Use Less Gas

1. Shift Your Mode of Transportation

While many in Boulder have already made the switch to electric vehicles, the vast majority of cars in Boulder run on gasoline or diesel. To save money and cut back on gas use, try walking, biking or taking the bus.

You can also consider replacing your gas vehicle with an electric vehicle (EV). New models are ready to support your lifestyle, whether you love long road trips, need lots of cargo space or prefer all-wheel-drive. While fossil fuels are still the primary source of our electric grid’s power, an electric car generates fewer emissions than a gas car. And, as the grid gets cleaner, the environmental benefits of EVs will grow.

2. If You Have to Drive, Combine Trips and Carpool

Sometimes, driving is the best option. When that happens, make your trips more efficient by combining your errands. Pick up groceries on the way home from school or stop by the bank on your way to the gym.

Also, consider carpooling. Bring a buddy to work or organize a carpool for the soccer game in Fort Collins. You’ll save gas and have someone to split the gas bill with. Use Way to Go’s carpool tools to get started.

3. Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

Simple steps, such as ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained, checking your tire pressure and driving at or below the speed limit can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Learn more from the U.S. Department of Energy (PDF).

4. Make Your Home More Efficient

When natural gas costs rise, a simple way to save money is to cut back on how much natural gas you use in your home.

Many homes in Boulder were built more than 50 years ago, and don’t always have great insulation. Adding insulation, sealing gaps and installing smart thermostats can help your gas furnace run more efficiently. Learn about more steps you can take in the city’s newsroom.

5. Consider Going Solar

With year-round sunshine, Boulder is a great place to invest in rooftop or community solar. Whether you own your home or rent, there are options to access low-cost, emissions-free solar energy.

6. Electrify Your Home

Many Boulder homes use natural gas to power furnaces, water heaters, stoves and dryers. There are great electric options to replace all these natural gas users, including induction stoves, electric water heaters and cold-climate heat pumps.

EnergySmart advisors can help you transition your home off natural gas.

7. Reduce Consumption of Other Products

Many common household products, from plastics and synthetic fibers to lawn fertilizer, are created using oil and other petrochemicals. And, almost all products we buy from the global market are shipped using fossil fuels.

Before you buy a new product, think about its link to the global fossil fuel economy. Consider buying goods produced locally or purchase used goods at thrift stores. By creating a more circular economy, we can reduce fossil fuel use.