There are many options to choose from to power your home with renewables.

Choosing to go solar is a great way to help solve the climate crisis. There are lots of options for you to consider.

Which Type of Solar is Right for Me?

Ground-Mount and Rooftop Systems

Traditional rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems are best for residents open to purchasing and owning solar panels. These systems can have higher upfront costs, and maintenance usually is up to the owners.

Former Mayor Suzanne Jones Checks out a rooftop solar installation in Boulder

Brett KenCairn 2017

Former Mayor Suzanne Jones Checks out a rooftop solar installation in Boulder

Shares in a Solar Garden

In Colorado, Xcel Energy customers have access to community solar gardens. These often provide similar bill credits to roof-top or ground-mount systems, but don't require roof space on your home. This is a great option for people who rent, live in multi-family buildings or who don't want to own solar.

A team of BHP residents in yellow safety vests install a solar garden north of Boulder

GRID Alternatives

A team of residents install a solar garden north of Boulder

Leased Solar Panels

Residents also have the option to lease solar panels from a third-party in a longer-term contract. This is a great option for folks who don't want to pay for solar panels up-front and don't want to be responsible for solar panel maintenance.

Rooftop solar panels installed in Boulder

Rooftop solar panels installed in Boulder

Get Solar on Your Roof

Be efficient first

If you are interested in solar, first look for ways to increase your current energy efficiency. The more efficient you are, the less energy you'll need to generate with solar panels. The EnergySmart program provides residents and businesses with information and rebates.

Explore Your Solar Potential

Google's rooftop solar tool can help you: determine how much electricity you can produce on your rooftop; estimate system cost and payback time; and connect with solar contractors and financial rebates and incentives.

Find a Solar Contractor

There are many qualified local contractors. The Colorado Solar and Storage Association (COSSA) offers a Member Directory. Qualified contractors can help you make decisions about the size of a solar system, whether to lease or buy, and how to obtain permits and funding.

Explore Financing Options

City Programs

  • Solar Grant Program : Residents in affordable housing and nonprofits may be eligible to receive a solar grant to install rooftop solar systems.
  • Solar Tax Rebates : Residents and businesses that pay city sales tax when they install solar systems may be eligible for partial sales tax rebates.

Non-City Programs

Apply for a City Permit

All solar installations are required to obtain an electrical permit (for photovoltaics) or a mechanical permit (for solar thermal). With a properly prepared application, small, roof-mounted solar systems (<10 kW) are typically eligible for over-the-counter processing and issuance. Use the checklist to see if your system may qualify. Please visit the Planning & Development Services Service Center to discuss your proposed installation with a Project Specialist. They are able to assist you and identify any items of concern and that your application package is complete.