A new map will help customers check the status of their water service

Boulder community members can now look up water service outages in the city of Boulder using a new Water Outages Map.

The map is designed to improve customer service by enabling community members to quickly determine whether water service disruptions have been confirmed by the city and if outages have been resolved. It displays planned and unplanned water service outages in the city in the last 12 hours that have been confirmed by city staff. Outages that have been restored will be removed from the map after 12 hours, and remaining outages will be displayed until they are restored. The map is available in both Spanish and English.

“Water outages can be stressful, and when one happens, you want to know that the city is aware and responding, said Utilities Deputy Director Joanna Bloom. “We recognized a gap in how we relay this information to the public, and so this new map is designed to close that gap and improve our customer service.”

Access the map and learn more about water service disruptions, as well as how to report outages to the city, at the Water Utility Service Disruptions page.