Water Service Disruption or Main Break

From time-to-time there may be planned and unplanned events in the city's water distribution system that may result in temporary water outages for customers.

Common causes of outages include main breaks; service line breaks; planned water main maintenance; and water main replacements. The city notifies customers in advance of planned water shutdowns but is unable to provide advance notice for emergency events such as a main break.

NEW: Water Outages Map

Community members can now look up water service outages in the city of Boulder using a new Water Outages Map.

The map is designed to improve customer service by enabling community members to quickly determine whether water service disruptions have been confirmed by the city and if outages have been resolved. It displays planned and unplanned water service outages in the city in the last 12 hours that have been confirmed by city staff. Outages that have been restored will be removed from the map after 12 hours, and remaining outages will be displayed until they are restored. The map is available in both Spanish and English.

Please note that if a service disruption location is not on the map, that does not mean there is not a service disruption, but that one has not yet been confirmed by city staff. If that's the case, please follow the steps below to report the outage to the city.

Please see the press release about the Water Outages Map for more information.

Report a Water Service Disruption or Water Main Break

Check the Water Outages Map

Check to see if the service disruption is already on the Water Outages Map (map will open in a new window). If it is, that means city staff have confirmed the outage.

Report the service disruption

If the outage is not on the Water Outages Map, then please contact the city to report the outage.

  1. By phone
    • Please call 303-441-3200 between 8 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.
    • If calling outside of those hours, please call 303-441-3200 and select the prompt for after hours emergencies.
    • Please ALWAYS call the listed phone numbers to report a water outage and do not report via Inquire Boulder.
  2. Maintenance problems
    • For maintenance problems such as frozen pipes indoors or no hot water, please contact a private plumber.