Break out your magnifying glass and bring your curiosity about Boulder history!

This month, Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department (BPR) invites you on a scavenger hunt amongst the city’s historic places. The scavenger hunt provides the opportunity to learn about eight historic sites and understand how BPR’s Historic Places Plan (HiPP) will steward these resources into the future.

For this HiPP scavenger hunt, community members can visit up to eight historic sites owned by BPR and answer questions along the way for a chance to win prizes. The scavenger hunt is open May 9-23 and is self-guided. Hunters can use the online scavenger hunt form, download the scavenger hunt pdf, or pick up a paper copy at one of the department’s recreation centers.

The scavenger hunt is broken up into three loops of several sites each. Using the form, you will get a rhyming clue that will take you to one of the HiPP sites, such as Colorado Chautauqua, Columbia Cemetery, the Glen Huntington Bandshell, and the Platt Farmhouse. Once you arrive at a site, answer a trivia question and/or take a selfie at the location.

Anyone who fills out the online form, visits at least one site and answers one question will be eligible for prizes, including BPR recreation center passes, film tickets and other merchandise from Colorado Chautauqua.

“The scavenger hunt is a fun way for our community to visit some of our most special places and learn more about our city’s history,” said Boulder Parks and Recreation Director Ali Rhodes. “Several of these sites actively provide programming and events - so they’re living history that we are taking care of now for future generations.”

The scavenger hunt takes place during National Preservation Month. This recognition puts a spotlight on the people in our community who are doing the important work saving our places and building our communities through preservation.

Information about all of the sites that are a part of the HiPP and the overall plan for their preservation in the community can be found at The HiPP is paid for in part by a History Colorado, State Historical Fund grant.

Historic Places Plan scavenger hunt