Share a photo of your favorite tree with us and it may be included in an upcoming report

Trees of Boulder

Do you have a favorite tree in Boulder? Maybe it’s an oak tree in your backyard, or a cottonwood you sit by on your lunch break. Snap a photo of it, share it with us and it may be included in the Parks and Recreation Department’s State of the Urban Forest report coming out this February!

How to Share Your Tree Photo

Why Share a Photo?

By sharing photos of your favorite tree, you raise awareness of the importance of trees that make up our “urban forest.” The city’s Forestry team works year-round to protect this forest, which inspires childlike wonder in us and calls us to action to protect our urban canopy so it can protect us for generations to come.

The inaugural State of the Urban Forest Report is a part of our commitment to keep our community informed about trees planted, removed, pruned, and changes and challenges to our urban forest.