Arborist Licensing Program

The program includes tree care contractors working on both public and private property within Boulder city limits. 

Licensed and Certified Arborists and Tree Contractors

  • 10 Star Tree Care, 720-626-8745
  • Altitude Arborist, 303-252-0818
  • AP Excavation & Landscaping, 970-689-7512
  • Arborforce, 303-472-0192
  • Arborstar Tree Care
  • Bailey Tree LLC, 720-940-6519
  • Bartlett Tree Experts, 303-353-0520
  • Berkelhammer Tree Experts INC, 303-443-1233
  • Blade & Bough Tree Care
  • Blue River Forestry & Tree Care, 720-256-9056
  • Bodhi Tree Care
  • Bullard Tree and Garden, 720-951-2995
  • Cutting Edge Tree Care, 303-362-1002
  • Davey Tree Expert
  • Donovan Arborists LLC, 303-623-8733
  • Environmental Tree Care, LLC, 303-368-8454
  • Good People Tree Service, 303-847-5221
  • Geesaman Tree Company
  • Heartwood Tree Care
  • Herm Enterprises LLC dba Herm Tree Service, 720-456-9234
  • Hollar Tree Co LLC, 720-446-9832
  • Lynn's Tree Service, 720-366-3226
  • Mile High Tree Care, INC, 303-292-9393
  • Mountain Tree Care, 303-443-9430
  • O'Brien Tree Care, LLC, 720-322-3084
  • Organo Lawn of Boulder, 303-499-2000
  • Patriot Tree Company INC, 720-295-8733
  • Reinholt Tree Care INC, 303-931-9282
  • Rocky Mountain Arboricultural Consulting LLC
  • Rocky Mountain Tree Care INC, 303-431-5885
  • Roots & Shoots Tree Care, 303-947-4390
  • Roots Arise
  • Roots Up Tree Company, 720-637-3407
  • Savatree LLC, 303-337-6200
  • Scott Parry Certified Arborist LLC, 720-778-7191
  • Shady Grove Tree Care, INC.
  • Shiloh Woods Enterprises LLC dba Monster Tree Service of Greater Boulder
  • Splintered Forest, LLC, 303-819-9840
  • St Vrain Arbor Care LLC, 303-772-3136
  • Super Tress Colorado LLC, 303-515-1655
  • Summit Tree Care LLC
  • Tannenbaum Tree Care, 720-704-1341
  • Top Notch Tree Service LLC, 970-556-5000
  • Urban Woods LLC, 720-365-4666
  • Velte Forestry & Arboriculture
  • Walker Tree Care
  • We Love Trees INC, 720-385-7075
  • Western Cut Tree Care, 720-421-0313

  • A Touch of Class Tree, 720-577-5280
  • Green Saw Tree Service
  • 5280 Trees, 720-577-5280
  • Daiki Tree Services LLC, 720-434-2460
  • Riverdale Tree Services, dba Ray's Tree Service, LLC dba Ray's Tree Service LLC
  • Silver Lands INC, 702-303-3508

How the program serves residents and tree care services

  • Ensures all persons/ companies performing tree work within the city have the necessary insurance; 
  • Ensures all tree work within the city is performed in a safe, professional manner and according to industry standards; 
  • Ensures all diseased/infested wood is disposed of in a proper manner to prevent the spread of insect/disease problems; and 
  • Maximizes environmental, social, economic and health services derived from the Boulder urban forest.  

Information on Licensing 

Certified Arborist License– for all ISA certified arborists or professional level tree care companies. 

Licensees in this category have demonstrated a higher level of knowledge and professionalism and are allowed to perform tree work to trees in the public rights-of-way and to both public and private trees that are infested/infected with a major insect/disease problem such as EAB (emerald ash borer), thousand cankers disease of black walnut, Dutch elm disease, drippy blight of red oaks, mountain pine beetle, etc.

Tree Contractor – for all persons/companies performing tree work that are not ISA certified or choose not to test through the City of Boulder office.

Licensees under this category are not allowed to perform tree work to trees in the public rights-of-way or to both public and private property trees that are infested/infected with a major insect/disease problem.