A partnership between the City of Boulder, TGTHR and Mental Health Partners

The program’s goal is to connect people to the homeless service system, prevent encampment and create safe and welcoming public spaces.

Program Overview

The BTHERE team’s goal is to engage with and build relationships with persons experiencing homelessness for future connection to housing or services. Homeless services in Boulder are dependent on voluntary participation in services that provide resources and support that help individuals exit homelessness.

The three-person team will have the following qualifications:

  • individuals with lived experience,
  • professional experience in outreach, engagement, social support, or homeless services, and
  • mental health training.

The team will visit locations with high incidence of camping or negative behavior in public spaces. They will engage with individuals presumed to be experiencing homelessness about the following subjects:

  • Provide education on all applicable public health order compliance measures. This includes distribution of masks or conducting basic health screenings (including taking temperatures). The team may sometimes be accompanied by Boulder County Public Health staff members for Hepatitis A or other health interventions.
  • Encouraging participation in Coordinated Entry and other supportive services, as applicable to each person, and informing people on the processes, locations, and hours of services.
  • Informing people of the camping ordinances, the possibility of enforcement, and available services for sheltering or assistance. To separate the outreach and enforcement roles, this aspect of BTHERE will serve more of a “heads up” function for people experiencing homelessness in Boulder.

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