On-demand fitness resources for exercise and health at home

Programs listed below are not delivered by Boulder Parks and Recreation staff, and participants should determine the safety and appropriateness of these or any exercise or fitness program in consultation with their medical provider.


  • 500+ high quality, 1-60 minute videos
  • 30 channels, no equipment options, for every age, interest and ability
  • Recommendation engine used to personalize and serve up content
  • Goal-based challenges and fitness assessments
  • Highly certified, relatable instructors
  • Safe and education based
  • Track progress and results
  • FREE access to City of Boulder residents and Wellness Program members. Submit a quick online form to request the access code.

American Heart Association

Free on-demand 5-minute movement break and 30-minute fitness, meditation and stretch options through the Move More Together program.


  • App for SilverSneakers® members only
  • Modify exercises to make them easier or harder with just one click
  • Access workout programs that can be tailored to your fitness level