Information About Commercial Use of Park Land

Commercial use includes anyone who offers instruction, education, care or supervision and charges a fee or donation on park land. Selling of products or festivals are not considered Commercial Use and a Special Event permit is needed.

Examples of Commercial Use

  • Outdoor fitness or yoga class in a park
  • Junior cyclocross program
  • Summer camps or nature programs

Having a commercial permit will not exclude any general public visitors or restrict any general public visitors from the area. We ask all park visitors to be mindful of others and share our public lands for the benefit of all to create an inclusive and welcoming park system.

For example, a visitor to the park may notice a fitness group and then join the group without permission and follow along.

  • Parks and Recreation Department maintenance, programs and special events will have priority for use of park areas.
  • Groups will need to be at 50 people or fewer.
  • At no time drive a motor vehicle within or upon any part of a park, recreation area or open space
  • At no time should any vehicles block access to road use
  • Park use is conditional based on weather conditions and maintenance practices.
  • This policy does not apply to Boulder Reservoir or Valmont Bike Park.


  • Use at any city of Boulder park land on any weekend day (Saturday, Sunday) and national holidays.
  • Use in pocket parks.
  • Any request that would create a conflict of interest of programs provided by the city of Boulder.
  • More than two commercial use groups at any city of Boulder park land at the same time.
  • Playground structures used for fitness equipment.
  • Prohibiting general public visitors from any portion of a park amenities.
  • Posting of physical advertisement.

A full list of rules and more information is provided on the completed Commercial Use Permit.

Commercial Use Fee

The fee charged to user groups in the program are based on the number of user visits and includes the following elements:

  1. Park sites/times/days to be used would be identified. (An example is keeping attendance per park/per day to a specified number.)
  2. Refundable security/damage deposit of $100.
  3. Reporting and payment (if any) due within 30 days of the quarterly schedule or the last day of group use on the permit.
  4. Required reporting includes location, attendance per day/time and programs/class types.
  5. Voluntary reporting of pricing and revenues earned.



    Tier 1 50 250 $50
    Tier 2 251 500 $250
    Tier 3 501 1000 $500
    Tier 4 1001 2,000 & over $750

Your request is reviewed by a group of program managers and may take up to 30 days for the review process. A new request is needed each calendar year in January.

Updated liability insurance proof is required every year. The certificate must name the "City of Boulder and its officials and employees" as additional insured in a general liability insurance policy with a combined single limit of $1 million per occurrence and a $2 million aggregate.

You will need to provide proof of your City of Boulder Business License, even if you do not collect sales tax this license will support the data for types of business in the city.

Liability insurance example is available via citywide Special Event information.