Important Information

  • The water leak adjustment request and documentation of repairs must be received within ninety (90) days of the due date listed on the customer's utility bill for the period in which the leak occurred .
  • Submission of a water leak adjustment request does not guarantee an adjustment will be made to the account.
  • You must submit proof of repair (such as plumber’s bill, receipt for parts, etc.) for the adjustment request to be processed.
  • If proof of repair cannot be provided, water consumption must have returned to normal use the following month, and a written statement detailing the steps taken as proof of investigation must be provided and attested to by the account holder or agent.
  • Adjustments are limited to two consecutive months and a maximum of three adjustments per property and same account holder.
  • Adjustments may not be approved for seasonal usage such as gardening, filling swimming pools, or washing vehicles; or for situations such as theft, vandalism or negligence .