Airport Community Conversation

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Boulder Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport that offers business, private and recreational aviation services to the city and surrounding communities.

Through the project, the city will develop a deeper understanding of the community’s desired future for the airport site. It will provide city leadership with a community-supported scenario for the future of the site to help guide next steps while being mindful of the city’s long-term commitments to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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CWG Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the CWG is to provide input and recommendations to the project team to support the community conversation effort. The CWG will collaborate with the project team to develop a range of scenarios for the future of the airport site. The CWG will be mindful of FAA obligations, including preserving and enhancing safety.

The CWG will collaborate with the project team to:

  • Understand the Existing Conditions: The group will discuss the current conditions of the airport site, the ongoing operations at the airport, FAA obligations and its role in the community.
  • Understand the Community’s Vision for the Airport: The group will discuss goals and aspirations for the future of the airport site and incorporate community member feedback from a variety of engagement venues.
  • Inform Community Priorities for the Airport: The group will help inform and evaluate a range of scenarios (short- and long-term) that are mindful of safety and FAA obligations. The group will provide feedback and input from each person’s perspective
    and lived experience and incorporate community member feedback.

Meeting Materials

Meeting 1: March 14

Pre-work materials

Meeting summary and recordings

Meeting 2: April 13

Meeting 3: June 7

Meeting 4: July 20

Meeting 5: Sept. 12

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