In preparation for a future Airport Master Plan, the City of Boulder will hold community conversations with both on- and off-airport stakeholders to understand the public’s desired future for Boulder Municipal Airport and recommend next steps.

Completion Date
Summer 2023
Current Phase
Community Engagement

Project Overview

Boulder Municipal Airport (BDU) is a general aviation airport that offers business, private and recreational aviation services to the city and surrounding communities.

In preparation for a future Airport Master Plan Update, the city is working to develop a deeper understanding of the community’s desired future for the airport, while being mindful of long-term commitments to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

These community conversations will result in a deeper understanding of the vision of directly impacted stakeholders, community members and traditionally underserved communities. At the end of the study in June 2023, the project team will present the range of alternatives and the preferred alternative(s) to City Council.


  • Understand community goals and aspirations for the airport

  • Identify key issues and opportunities for consideration

  • Identify recommendations for the airport's future

  • Determine the next steps

Provide Your Input

Public engagement opportunities will begin in early 2023.

Participate in person or online during two different phases of public engagement: Early feedback will help develop four future airport alternatives to explore. Later feedback will help evaluate these alternatives and inform the final recommendation to City Council

Phase 1: Community Vision

Participate in the first open house and online questionnaire to:

  • learn about the history of the airport

  • provide feedback for the future of the airport

Phase 2: Evaluate

Participate in the second open house and online questionnaire to:

  • learn about the recommendations identified for the future of the airport

  • share feedback on these recommendations

Community Conversation

To ensure on- and off-airport voices are accurately and equitably included, engagement will involve:

  • in-depth interviews

  • a Community Working Group (CWG)

  • public open houses and online questionnaires



The CWG are key on- and off-airport stakeholders who will remain engaged throughout the project. CWG meetings provide a setting for dialogue between impacted community members to refine stakeholder input and identify preferred alternatives.

The CWG will meet three times throughout the course of the project to collaboratively develop a range of alternatives for the future of the airport.

  • The first meeting will be a vision workshop. Members will talk about the future of the airport, their role as a group and what a successful project will look like.

  • The second meeting will establish community priorities. Members will begin outlining a range of alternatives for consideration.

  • At the third meeting, members will ideally decide on a preferred alternative and share the outcome with the project team.

CWG members are selected to represent community members from on and off the airport. Members may include:

  1. Interview participants

  1. Other key stakeholders to represent the broader community, including residents who live near the airport

  1. Aviation community members such as pilots and airport tenants

  1. Underserved community members who may be directly impacted by the current operations and future alternatives

The city and CWG will evaluate alternatives for the future of the airport depending on:

  • City and project requirements

  • State, Division of Aeronautics, and FAA considerations

  • Community and stakeholder perspectives

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