Where is the Boulder Municipal Airport Located?

The Boulder Municipal Airport is located along the 3300 block of Airport Road.

Where can I learn about leasing property at the Boulder Municipal Airport?

For more information, visit the Leasing Information webpage.

What are the fuel service hours at the airport?

Fuel is self-service and available 24/7.

What airlines fly into Boulder Municipal Airport?

Boulder Municipal Airport is not served by commercial airlines. If you are visiting the Denver/Boulder area, we suggest flying into Denver International Airport. Several shuttle services and a public bus service (RTD SkyRide) provide ground transportation between Denver International Airport and the Boulder area.

Where can I get information about aircraft noise policies?

Please refer to the Noise Abatement Web page.

What is the city's role in airport operations?

The city is responsible for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the airport. The city works to balance the impacts of airport operations and the needs of airport users with the needs of the community. To do this, the city controls land use around the Boulder Municipal Airport and dictates procedures for aircraft operations on the ground (aircraft in the air are regulated by the FAA). The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan outlines the policy for land use around the airport, and the Airport Master Plan outlines operations of the airport.

What is the traffic pattern for the Boulder Municipal Airport?

View the Traffic Pattern for Boulder Municipal Airport.

How is the local airspace regulated?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has exclusive control of all airspace over the United States. All airspace users are subject to the FAA's Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). These regulations cover aircraft and pilot registrations, operational control of all aircraft while in the air, traffic patterns, altitude, noise, safety issues and a myriad of other aviation-related matters.

What and when is Airport Day?

Airport Day is a fun, low-key event for the whole family, held every other year on Father's Day weekend at the Boulder Municipal Airport.

Who can I contact about the airport?

For more information, contact Airport Management at 303-441-3108 or email bma@bouldercolorado.gov.