Boulder Municipal Airport

Boulder Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport, providing business, private, recreational and emergency aviation services to the City of Boulder and surrounding communities. Boulder Municipal Airport does not offer commercial airline service.

Important Notices

  • Transient aircraft: Please check in with Journeys Aviation (in the terminal) if you park on the east-half of the ramp or Specialty Flight Training (Hanger 3324) if you park on the west-half of the ramp.
  • Glider runway operations: Simultaneous take-offs and landings are prohibited on Runway 8/26 and 8G/26G due to their close proximity (197 feet centerline to centerline). Powered aircraft must yield to glider traffic on final or initiate a go-around to ensure proper spacing.
  • TFR for University of Colorado Football Games: If flying into or out of Boulder on a CU football home game day, please contact the FBO at 303-449-4210 in advance to obtain critical information about entering/exiting the FAA temporary flight restriction (TFR) radius.

Aircraft Noise Complaints

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