Our mission is to inspire and empower older adults to age well through community connection, learning, and play.

Older Adult Services offers all adults 60 and over a safe and welcoming environment. Our programs and services are delivered in Age Well Centers that honors the needs and desires of older adults. We are committed to supporting an age-friendly community through our work on anti-ageism, Lifelong Colorado, mitigating social isolation and encouraging community engagement. Our staff provides a continuum of services from health and wellness, lifelong learning to case management and supportive services.

Committees and Groups

Older Adult Services has an Age Well Advisory Committee that makes recommendations to the city via the Manager of Older Adult Services to help City Council and other city staff be more responsive and better advised in matters of particular concern and impact affecting older adults. Specifically, the Committee advises and makes recommendations regarding the quality of life and needs of older adults within the City with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity; supports strategic planning; and gives advice on programs and services.