Plan will provide guidance on city’s water conservation efforts over the next seven years

The City of Boulder has drafted an updated Water Efficiency Plan and invites the community to view the draft plan and provide public comment online through Nov. 19. The final plan will provide guidance for implementing the city’s Water Conservation Program in a way that is compatible with the Colorado Water Plan, the city’s water supply system, adopted water conservation goals and community values.

The project team will review feedback on the draft plan, incorporate input where appropriate and include all comments as an appendix in the final plan.

“We received community feedback earlier this spring that we’ve used to inform the draft plan. This includes recommendations for water conservation programs that are compatible with the needs of a broad range of people, including those in underserved communities,” said Community Engagement Senior Program Manager Laurel Olsen. “We appreciate our community’s interest in our natural resources and invite them to view the draft plan and help us make sure it reflects community values."

The State of Colorado requires an update to the Water Efficiency Plan every seven years. The city will send the plan to the state by the end of the year and will implement it over the next seven years.

Learn more on the Water Efficiency Plan webpage or provide public comment on Be Heard Boulder. For Boulder water conservation efforts and current resources, visit the Water Conservation webpage.