Tool provides a more user-friendly experience and presents efforts of BTHERE homelessness outreach team

The City of Boulder launched a redesigned interactive tool, the Homelessness Services dashboard, that highlights coordinated entry and program referrals, shelter utilization, exits out of homelessness and metrics on the new BTHERE homelessness outreach efforts with Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

This dashboard combines information from two previously available dashboards, the Single Adult Homelessness dashboard and Shelter Utilization dashboard. It aims to provide a more user-friendly experience by combining all data into one dashboard. Staff have also included a notes and definitions section, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘?’ icon on the navigation bar.

In addition to helping 101 individuals exit homelessness (an average of 17 exits per month) since the beginning of the year, the city’s homelessness team continues to work with partners to ensure the system is identifying and responding to gaps in housing-focused services.

While supporting the existing pathways to housing, the team is also working on several new initiatives including housing retention support; implementing a recovery center for people with significant substance use disorders, particularly methamphetamine, in partnership with Boulder County; and developing a navigation center where unhoused community members can access resources and services.

For more information on homelessness in Boulder, visit the city’s website.