Learn how we’re working to keep materials out of landfills and in use as much as possible.

Episode Five is Live

We just dropped the fifth episode of “Let’s Talk Boulder,” a City of Boulder podcast exploring stories and challenges from the Flatirons, one conversation at a time. The latest episode, titled “No Waste in the First Place,” discusses circularity, the concept of using resources in a continuous loop instead of burying them in our landfills.

Through conversations with city staff, we paint a picture of what a circular economy could look like in Boulder and how we’re already making progress toward that vision. From soil-nurturing compost to reusable takeout containers and plastic policies, our community is becoming a laboratory for circular innovation.

The episode also digs into sustainable deconstruction, the careful unbuilding of a building so that materials can be salvaged for reuse and recycling. We tell the story of Alpine-Balsam, a deconstruction project that has diverted tons (literally metric tons) of steel, wood, concrete and other building materials from the landfill.

Follow our journey to prevent waste, give new life to used materials, and build an economic system that regenerates our planet instead of exploiting it.

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Learn more about Boulder’s circular economy by checking out our Circular Boulder web guide.