Beginning in July 2022, the city will be embarking on a creek restoration and stormwater infrastructure project along/near Bear Canyon Creek at Ithaca and Wildwood.

Project Overview


The purpose of this project is to address damages from the 2013 flood event as well as improve stormwater drainage within the roadways. Elements of the project will include:

  • channel rehabilitation and stabilization
  • storm sewer upgrades


July through September 2022


The project started in early July with the removal of vegetation, including trees from the channel. The project will be working around some large, existing cottonwoods not slated to be removed with this project and protection measures will be in place to maintain a safe distance for construction equipment and crews.

Throughout the project, community members should expect to experience traffic impacts along Ithaca and Wildwood. A full road closure at Ithaca/Wildwood will begin Tuesday, 6 Sept. and is expected to reopen within three weeks. Please follow the posted detour signs.

Stay tuned to the city's Cone Zones for current traffic impacts. Traffic impacts will include a full closure of the roadway at Ithaca/Wildwood and periodic closure of the adjacent trail. Trail impacts are expected to conclude prior to the start of the 2022-2023 school year.


This project is located within Bear Canyon Creek and the roadways of Ithaca and Wildwood.

Ithaca and Wildwood project area

24-hour Emergency Contact

If you have an issue that arises outside of regular business hours (M-F, 8a - 5p) please contact: Shea Davis with Edge Contracting: 303.437.8036