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Project Overview

The Flatirons Golf Course Facility will replace core infrastructure destroyed in the 2013 flood and follows the direction determined with City Council input in 2014. The new facility includes a family-friendly restaurant to serve the golf course and the surrounding community. This new facility takes advantage of the iconic setting and Flatirons views from the indoor/outdoor dining area and outdoor event space. Indoor restrooms will replace the temporary mobile trailer. The project also includes renovating the existing Pro Shop building to address maintenance needs and increase energy efficiency.

Concept plans for the Flatirons Golf Course Facility were approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) in Oct. 2020. Funding for the project was approved in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The construction is funded mostly from Permanent Parks and Recreation Funds (PPRF), which are dedicated to the acquisition or permanent improvement of parkland.

The building was designed as efficiently as possible with durable, low-maintenance materials. White Construction Group supported the value engineering (VE) process, which was challenging since cost had been an important consideration by the architect, ZDesign Group, throughout the design process. The team wanted to ensure the VE exercise was not replacing durable materials with those needing more regular maintenance, shifting the expense burden to operational needs over time. The team also worked to find cost savings that would not drastically affect the user experience or defer maintenance. As a result, and through an exhaustive effort, the staff, architect consultant, and construction contractor team reduced the most recent cost estimate by replacing materials with similar durability, but less expensive and using alternate construction methods.

Project Update: November 2023

Construction Continues at Flatirons Golf Course

Most of the parking lot is complete and Arapahoe Avenue no longer has lane closures near the entrance.

The New Restaurant

After a thorough evaluation process, a business has also been selected for the new restaurant. The owners of Dagabi Tapas Bar at 3970 Broadway, Noah and Tanya Westby, were selected. They will serve American cuisine and host special events in the restaurant when it opens.


In addition to construction and restaurant progress, Boulder Parks and Recreation has secured two grants:

  • The Charge Ahead Colorado Program grant will provide funding of up to $18,000 for three electric vehicle charging stations. Each station will have two ports for six total charging ports.
  • The Boulder Urban Stream Health Program awarded Boulder Parks and Recreation $178,000 towards a new cart washing station. Design will occur in 2024, and construction is anticipated in 2025.