Reimagine Policing in Boulder

Words and dialogue are not enough. It is time for change through action. Partner with us to reimagine policing.

  1. Plan

  2. Design

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Implement

Current Phase
Community Engagement

Project Overview

The Boulder Police Department, in partnership with other city colleagues, is working to make significant changes in the midst of local and national discussions around the need for reform in policing. The master planning process will provide a framework for the department to do a broader and more in-depth examination of community input, use data-driven strategies to review current operations in the context of changing conditions and determine future policing goals and strategies. This master plan will be used as the roadmap for creating meaningful changes to public safety in Boulder.

Your Voice Matters

Where We Are Now

Engagement Window IV: Refinement and Acceptance of Plan

City Council recently had a chance to review a draft version of the plan, which builds on previous engagement phases. Council provided valuable feedback, and the city is currently planning for community engagement. During this window, community members will have an opportunity to participate through a statistically valid, randomized survey and focus groups that lift the voices of communities that have been disproportionately impacted by historic policing models and practices. A consultant has been hired to assist with this phase.

Where We've Been

Engagement Window I: Values, Hopes and Concerns

This window took place from June 8 - Aug. 3, 2021. Detailed information about Window I processes and results is included in the Window I Summary Report.

Information from Engagement Window I was used to develop draft community values statements around safety and the role of police in safety; as well as draft focus areas to include in the forthcoming master plan for the City of Boulder Police Department. Each draft focus area also includes subtopics to be addressed during the remaining phases of the Reimagine Policing plan process.

Engagement Window II: Checking In

This was a check-in phase to give community members the opportunity to provide feedback about whether these proposed values and focus areas resonated with them. This feedback was evaluated and is
guiding the ongoing work.

Engagement Window III: Learning Together

During prior windows, we received questions about our police department and how it currently operates. So before we asked you to consider and help us prioritize potential strategies, we dedicated time to learning together.

This window featured a series of short explainers on relevant policing topics. The information on each topic was posted on the Reimagine Policing Engagement Hub on BeHeard Boulder and discussed at a Police Department Town Hall.

Engagement Window III was open from December 2021 through mid-July 2022.

Project Commitment

The city understands the importance of robust community engagement in creating a vision and Master Plan for the Boulder Police Department. As such, the project commits to the following:

  • Defining a clear purpose

  • Planning for thoughtful, respectful engagement

  • Encouraging and including all voices

  • Fostering public contribution and civic participation

  • Implementing a trustworthy and transparent process