Human Relations Fund Applications

Funding helps raise awareness of civil rights and human rights issues.

The Human Relations Commission (HRC) is committed to supporting community-initiated activities that focus on or raise awareness of civil rights, human rights, or equity issues and problems in Boulder; facilitate interaction, understanding, collaboration and civic participation among diverse communities; or enable communities that experience marginalization to celebrate events significant to them while providing learning opportunities to the general population.

Human Relations Fund Grants Proposal Guidelines

Human Relations Fund (HRF) grants may be given to:

  • Nonprofit organizations and individual organizers under the fiscal sponsorship of a nonprofit
  • Projects that have a significant component of programming that impacts residents of Boulder
  • Events that take place within the city limits of Boulder
  • Projects that reinforce the goals of respect for diversity, inclusivity, and equity
  • Activities that are free of charge for participants and open to the public

Additional criteria considered include:

  • Projects that are community-led
  • Collaboration with other organizations
  • Diversity among planners and decision makers
  • Inclusivity among participants
  • Access to people with disabilities
  • Projects or activities that provide opportunities for communities that experience marginalization
  • Activities that advance the ongoing and annual priorities of the Human Relations Commission
  • Ability or inability to access multiple sources of funding
  • Projects that have not received prior funding from HRC
  • The extent to which the project or activity might engage and educate the larger community

The HRC will not fund:

  • Proposals that are not from community organizations
  • Groups that have failed to meet their contractual requirements with the HRC in the past
  • Projects that do not have a significant component of programming that impacts residents of Boulder, or events that do not take place within the city limits of Boulder
  • Activities that charge fees for participants

Available Funds

Money available to the HRF depends on city revenue and therefore varies from year to year. Only projects or activities that are planned or occur during the calendar year of their HRF funding will be considered.

The maximum amount an organization can receive for a project is $5,000. Funds may be used for expenses such as food, postage, marketing and office supplies, as well as to pay a guest speaker at an event. Grants are not intended to be a primary funding source for personnel-related expenses, although modest honoraria (no more than 25% of the grant total) for volunteer organizers may be considered.

Awards are made at HRC monthly meetings, so the total amount of available funding will decrease throughout the calendar year. The HRC is committed to utilizing the full fund every year but may choose to withhold some amount of funding at any given point in order to disperse grants more evenly throughout the calendar year.

Application Period

The HRF is not currently accepting applications at this time; 2023 funding dates and applications periods will be updated soon.

Approved Proposals

If the HRC votes to award funds for your proposal, staff will negotiate a contract between the city and your agency or organization for completion of certain deliverables before any payment is issued. Depending on the award, total funding may be provided at the start of your program or project, or some portion may be withheld pending completion and submission and approval of a final report.

The city reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive informalities and irregularities in proposals received, and to accept any portion of any proposal or all items proposed if deemed in the best interests of the city.

All publicity for HRC-funded programs must include the following credit line: "Funded in part by a grant from the City of Boulder Human Relations Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council.” In lieu of the credit line, the Human Relations Commission logo may be used. The logo will be sent to grant recipients.

Following completion of a project or activity, recipients are required to appear at a designated HRC meeting and report on the event. Failure to appear at the meeting may negatively affect future funding requests.