Join OSMP naturalists on this Open Space adventure and schoolyard/neighborhood investigation. Students discover how trees prepare for cold weather without the benefit of heated homes, waterproof clothing, and warming foods. Through observation, tools and activities, students explore how trees prepare for winter on open space, schoolyards and neighborhoods.

This engaging multi-media virtual field-trip includes: video lessons, hands-on activities, and schoolyard/neighborhood nature discovery activities. Spanish and English. Grades: K-3.

Visita La Vida Mágica de los Árboles en Español. 

The Magical Lives of Trees outline


Welcome to Open Space and Mountain Parks Virtual Field Trip: The Magical Life of Trees.

How Trees Prepare for Winter

Autumn is the time that trees, plants, and animals start preparing for winter. How do they know that the seasons are changing? How do we know? Become a keen observer of your neighborhood and together we will find out. During this virtual field-trip students will learn how to identify the signs of autumn.

Nature Tree Identification Made Easy

Discover local native trees and learn tips and tricks for easy tree identification. Through observation, touch, smell and listening, students will get to know local trees often found on schoolyards, neighborhoods and open space.

Trees Eat Sunlight – Photosynthesis Explained

Trees cannot hunt, forage, or go to the grocery store. So how do trees eat? Students discover how trees have developed the remarkable ability to make their own food.

Trees and Seeds

Have you ever wondered why trees make seeds? And why are there so many pinecones on a tree and so many seeds in a pinecone? Through observation of a variety of pinecones and seed pods native trees create, students discover why trees make so many seeds.

Trees and Animals

Discover how trees and animals work together and depend on each other for their survival. Together we will learn the various ways our native animals benefit from trees and how they, in turn, help trees grow.

Nature Discovery Nests and Birds

The best place to start birding is in your own neighborhood and the best time to discover bird and squirrel nests is in the winter. Learn tips and tricks for neighborhood nature discovery and find what is hidden in your schoolyard and neighborhood.

Conclusion and Activities

The Magical Lives of Trees video

La Vida Mágica de los Árboles

Únanse a los naturalistas de OSMP en esta aventura alrededor de los Espacios Abiertos y en la investigación de sus vecindarios y jardines escolares.  Los estudiantes descubrirán como se preparan los árboles para el clima frio cuando no tienen la ayuda de hogares calurosos, ropa impermeable, ni comidas calienticas. A través de observación, materiales y actividades, los estudiantes explorarán como los árboles se preparan para el invierno en los espacios abiertos, jardines escolares y vecindarios.

Esta interesante salida de campo virtual y multimodal incluye: Lecciones de video, actividades prácticas,  y actividades de descubrimiento en los vecindarios y Jardines escolares. Español e inglés. Grados K-3rd.