Parking Fee Areas

All park visitors whose motor vehicles are not registered in Boulder County must possess either a daily or annual permit to park on Flagstaff Mountain, in Gregory Canyon, or at Doudy Draw, Flatirons Vista, Greenbelt Plateau, Marshall Mesa, South Boulder Creek West and South Mesa Trailheads.

Purchase Annual Parking Permit

Annual Permits

Annual permits can be purchased online. Annual permits are good for one year after their purchase date. One permit is required for each vehicle and is issued to a specific license plate number. Permit is not transferrable between vehicles. The confirmation email you receive after purchasing a parking permit will show the date of purchase. Permits expire one calendar year after purchase, at which point you will receive an email reminding you to renew your expired permit. If you no longer have that email, please call our administration office at 303-441-3440.

Annual permits, good for all fee locations on Flagstaff Mountain and six OSMP trailheads south of Boulder, are $25. There is a $1.50, non-City of Boulder service charge for online transactions. Annual parking permits are non-refundable.

Please note: You do not need to display a permit when parking in one of the OSMP lots because your license plate is registered in the permitting system. If your license plate number changes within one year of purchasing your permit, please call our administration office at 303-441-3440 to register your new plate number.

Daily Permits

Daily Permits may be purchased for $5 each at the parking areas below. Payment is valid at all OSMP trailheads for the date purchased.

  • Any one of six self-service stations located on Flagstaff Mountain (cash, check, or pre-purchased Daily Permit):
    • Gregory Canyon - Base of Flagstaff Road
    • Panorama Point - 1.0 miles up Flagstaff Road
    • Crown Rock - 2.2 miles up Flagstaff Road
    • Realization Point - 3.4 miles up Flagstaff Road
    • Flagstaff Summit - 0.5 miles up Flagstaff Summit Road from Realization Point
    • Lost Gulch Overlook - 4.3 miles up Flagstaff Road
  • Any of the southern trailheads included in the parking fee system:
    • Doudy Draw Trailhead*
    • Flatirons Vista Trailhead*
    • Greenbelt Plateau Trailhead
    • Marshall Mesa Trailhead
    • South Boulder Creek West Trailhead
    • South Mesa Trailhead

*Park Mobile cashless payment now available at these trailheads.

For those with Flagstaff Facility Reservations:

Reservation holders for the Flagstaff Summit Shelters or the Halfway House may either have attendees purchase daily permits at self-service stations provided or may pre-purchase daily permits. Please call our administrative office at 303-441-3440 to pre-purchase daily permits.

Please Note – Daily parking permits are non-refundable and change will not be given. Please use exact change. Checks are accepted and can be made out to City of Boulder OSMP.